Celebrating Next – Jack Deyo

It is our mission at Lifelaunch Consulting to help others define their ‘next’ with purpose and intention, and to celebrate as a new chapter unfolds. As part of this, we are highlighting our friends who have successfully navigated the move from ‘now’ to ‘next’ and are thriving as a result! It is our hope that by sharing these stories, we inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.


Jack Deyo

My pre-retirement career:

Founder of Mid Ohio Tempering, an architectural glass manufacturing company in Columbus, Ohio.

Three ways I spend my time in retirement:

1.) Spending more time on personal activities, golf, exercise, family, personal planning.
2.) Reviewing opportunities/options for further financial investments and personal investments.
3.) Devoting more energy to philanthropic and educational activities.

What I love most about retirement:

The flexibility of time management for a variety of activities.

My biggest challenge with retirement:

Assimilating into a slower and less hectic lifestyle outside of business daily decision making.

What I did to prepare for retirement:

Retired at age 59 and was totally unprepared for entry into a different pace of life. However like the loss of a friend, a true acceptance and realization of the joys of a new chapter was a very positive reward for 50 years of work life activities.

Something I’ve recently done for the first time:

Snowshoeing in the woodlands of Northern Michigan.

Most recent book/article I’ve read:

“Origin”, Dan Brown, “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien

My future:

Spending time with children, grandchildren in their activities. Taking additional educational classes and continuing development of educational philanthropic issues.

My advice for future retirees:

Focus on the NOW, not the past. Only use the experiences of the past to further current and future pursuits in the interest of doing positive things for ones self, family and others. Make things joyful for others. Use one’s life skills to aide, enable, encourage others. Quality time spent with children is better than spending money on children.
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