Our Coaching/Consulting Programs Help Your Associates Find Clarity In ‘Defining Next’ So That You Can Help Them Feel Ready To Retire While Also Helping The Organization With Succession Planning?
  • What Percentage Of Your Organization Is Above The Age Of 50?
  • How Many Associates Do You Believe Will Retire In The Next 24 Months?
  • How Would You Describe The Current Succession Planning Processes.
  • Do You Know The Plans For Your Key Executives?
  • Is There A Population In The Organization Whose Knowledge Base Is Critical To The Success Of The Company?
  • Do you want your employees to be celebrated as they leave your organization with a transparent detailed plan, timeline and succession plan?

Lifelaunch Helps Organizations Gracefully Support The Retirement Ready Population.

  • We Offer Access To Our Assessment Tool And Also One On One Coaching Program, Lifelaunch Helps Clients Define Their Retirement Timeline And Their Succession Plan.
  • In A Very Transparent And Supportive Way, Lifelaunch Bridges The Gap Between Associate And Company And Helps Individuals Get Ready And Excited About “Next”.

Defining The “Launch Plan”.

Each Of Our Service Offerings Helps Define A Timeline To Retirement And A Plan For The Transfer Of Knowledge. These Two Deliverables Help An Individual Move Toward Retirement In A Well Prepared And Comfortable Manner. Importantly, They Also Help Ensure Minimal Disruption To Your Business.

Lifelaunch Helps Clients Define Their “Next Chapter”
And Their Vision For Retirement.