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It is our mission at Lifelaunch Consulting to help others define their ‘next’ with purpose and intention, and to celebrate as a new chapter unfolds. As part of this, we are highlighting our friends who have successfully navigated the move from ‘now’ to ‘next’ and are thriving as a result! It is our hope that by sharing these stories, we inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.


Terry O’Connell

My pre-retirement career:

Executive Vice President, Time Warner Cable

Three ways I spend my time in retirement:

Spending time with God & family, charity work and lots of traveling.

What I love most about retirement:

Stress free living! I now have the time I need for my post-retirement passion which is aiding the operation and fundraising efforts for Star House, a 24×7 homeless youth drop-in center located in Columbus, Ohio. Star House serves homeless young people ages 14-24. Yes, 14-24 year old homeless youth right here in our back yard!

My biggest challenge with retirement:

No question, finding enough time to do everything! There are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I’d like to do.

What I did to prepare for retirement:

I worked hard to leave my operation in good financial shape for the exceptional group of executives on our team. I also did everything possible to make sure those great executives were as well positioned as they could be in an environment of major companywide restructuring.

Something I’ve recently done for the first time:

Ha! I just had a knee replacement! No fun, but necessary. Also, I am planning a month long trip to Italy this September…beginning in Sicily, then Rome and the Vatican ending for two weeks in Tuscany. Can’t wait

Most recent book/article I’ve read:

Thank You for Being Late, by Thomas Friedman

My future:

Continue to support the Star House, travel, enjoy my time with my wife, adult children and our two grand daughters, Maeve and Maren.

My advice for future retirees:

Retire as soon as you can. Life is short, you never know what tomorrow will bring, especially about that which so many take for granted, good health! Remember, at a certain age, everyday you continue working is the last best physical day of your life. Find a new challenge to occupy your new found freedom. Giving back in some way does wonders for the soul.

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